On April 23rd this year the International Hydropower Association Office announced the Joint Statement by Hydropower and Generator Associations on Covid-19. The statement emphasises that the efforts aimed at economic recovery after COVID-19 pandemia should be directed in a greater extent to the hydropower sector which on the one hand has substantially suffered due to uncertainty and lack of the financial liquidity and refinancing numerous hydropower projects and on the other one represents a significant and even essential source of electricity in numerous regions worldwide. Globally it is also the most significant source of "green" electricity and key tool providing grid safety and stability under conditions of rising penetration by intermittent electricity sources.

    The Polish Hydropower Association is to be found among 16 signatories of the Statement. Our intention is to apply for assigning a part of the resources of the EU 2022-27 financial perspective and the fund of European economy recovery after COVID 2019 pandemia. The full text of the Statement is available here.

    On April 23, 2020, a video conference was organized by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) under the name "Global Positioning of Sustainable Hydropower in a Post-Covid World".

    The main meeting was hosted by IHA Director General Eddie Rich.
    The meeting agenda and topics discussed were presented in the form of presentation (download).
    About 30 people took part in the videoconference, the main members analogous to our company from all continents.
    Also our colleague Tomasz Dudkiewicz (member of the board of TEW) took part in the conference.
    HYDROFORUM 2020 conference


    We invite you to HYDROFORUM 2020 conference

    The conference HYDROFORUM 2000 is planed in Gdańsk at December, 10-11,  2020.  The conference venue will be Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych in Gdańsk, ul. Fiszera 14. (Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences - IMP PAN). The number of delegates is expected to reach about 90.

     We will publish current information on HYDROFORUM web site .

    We invite you to participate. It is already possible to register participants and submit papers.


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